Achieve Efficiency and Productivity and Enjoy Growth and Progress in your Business.

Growth and profitability are the two main objectives for any organization. These can be achieved through smart decisions. Your priorities can transform your future in a better way. Hence, Productivity and efficiency are the only tactics that can make you achieve your goal. Therefore, our product is all about it. We know that your time and resources are very important. In today’s world, managing your time and resources are the biggest problem. We assure you that by using our product you will manage your time and resources efficiently. Our product is user-friendly and having customizable Dashboard. Furthermore, there are multiple management systems in the product i.e
✔️ School News Management System
✔️Timetable Management system
✔️ Admission management System
✔️ Messaging System
✔️ Student Attendance Management System 
✔️ Online Exam Management System
✔️ Routine Task
✔️ Daily Bulletin 
✔️ Employee and Teacher Login 
✔️ Students and Parents Login
✔️ Student Information Management System
✔️ Custom Student Remarks
✔️ School Certificate Generator 
✔️ School ID card Generator 
✔️ Powerful Learning Management System 
✔️ Gallery
✔️ Discussion
✔️ Task
✔️ Poll

You can make your communication better and smarter with your student and their parents through:
✔️ WhatsApp integration 
✔️ Twilio Integration 
✔️ Telenor Integration 
✔️ Zoom Integration 
✔️ GMeet Integration 

Things do not end here. We want you to be free from all financial management worries, for this we have added:
✔️ Charter of Account
✔️ Transactions
✔️ Instant Fees
✔️ Cash Transfer to Bank
✔️ Fees Management System
✔️ API Access
✔️ Payment Gateway integration 
✔️ Trial Balance
✔️ Balance Sheet 
✔️ General Ledger 
✔️ Bank Reconciliation 

We are standing right after you and we own your problems. For this purpose, we know that there is a troika: Student, Teacher, and School. We are here to bridge them. That is the sole objective of our product. We ensure you the best quality work regarding the school management system because we are keen to resolve your issues in real-time.


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